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Math Puzzle is everyone’s favorite topic. Most of us like to solve critical math puzzles. People like to take challenges from friends to solve the puzzles . We have a wide collection of puzzles to twist your brain!

We have categorized the Math Puzzle into different parts. So that everyone can get a chance to solve according to their age or class they study. It will make the quiz more interesting and fair play for all age category. Chose according to your capacity!

First of all, some basic example of math puzzles and then we’ll move to different categories according to grade.

Welcome to Math puzzle

Math Puzzle Example : 1

Q.1 – How Many Squares are there in the below picture?

math puzzle to boost your brain

Solve –
Now Let’s solve it. The below image is simplified for easy understanding.

So as we saw, there are four small squares and One Big square, which sums-up to 5 (Five).
So now you have understood the basic puzzles. Now it’s time to go harder.

Before You Start :-

  • First understand the question. Else read again to get clear understanding.
  • Now check all possible answers. Sometime questions are bit tricky!
  • Give yourself some “time” to solve the puzzle. Don’t be in hurry.
  • Practice more and more to train your brain against all odds! Practice makes everyone perfect.
  • Don’t see the answers immediately. Think again before you surrender!

Q.2 How many Triangles can you see?

math puzzle triangle

Solve :-
In this image, you can easily see four small triangles and one big triangle. So the total number of triangles is Five (5).

Now that you got the basic and simple math puzzles right, let’s jump to few more questions and then straight to the quiz section. The quiz is going to be interesting.

Q.3 What is the value of the green-coconut in the below image?

math puzzle coconut

So in the above image, go to the 2nd row, addition of two green squares become 12. As both are same image, ,the value should be divided by 2. So, 12/2 = 6.

Now in the 1st row, we got the value of square. hence, the value of coconut will be, 14 – 6 = 8.

As we learnt different kind of math puzzles with answers, it is time for a real quiz. You can also play interesting festival quizzes.

simple math quiz
maths puzzles for kids

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